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Applying Agile Recruiting Principles to Build Our Dream Team at Arcules

How to use Live Design Thinking to Hire Collaborative Rebels vs. Genius Jerks

Video as the Last Frontier: What Enterprises Can Learn and Improve with Video Data in the Cloud

The introduction of AI and machine learning is transforming the ways businesses utilize video data to embrace the predictive and preventative capabilities available in new video software technology. With scalable cloud infrastructure, businesses are elevating their operations and reinventing what

Embracing Failure and Leading From Behind: The Arcules Philosophy of Agile Teams

Bosses that look for their teams to fail swiftly. Leadership that takes a step back when problems need to be solved. Teams that are bold enough to reject any “asshole” that might stand in the way of a common goal. These aren’t traditional business concepts, and at Arcules, we aren’t a

“Brilliant Assholes” Need Not Apply: How We’re Breaking the Industry Mold for Hiring Developers

Every company wants to hire a rockstar developer to round out their team, but not every rockstar is going to have your company’s best interests in mind. At Arcules, we think there’s more to a great developer than the achievements printed on a resume, which is why we’re tossing out the

What’s in a Name? Why We Changed Our Name to Arcules

Today, we are announcing a new name and refreshed mission statement. As Arcules, our technology fills the unmet need in the modern enterprise for a video cloud IoT solution. But what does this mean in practice? The name of a company says a lot about what the business wishes to convey to prospective