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“Brilliant Assholes” Need Not Apply: How We’re Breaking the Industry Mold for Hiring Developers

Every company wants to hire a rockstar developer to round out their team, but not every rockstar is going to have your company’s best interests in mind. At Arcules, we think there’s more to a great developer than the achievements printed on a resume, which is why we’re tossing out the

What’s in a Name? Why We Changed Our Name to Arcules

Today, we are announcing a new name and refreshed mission statement. As Arcules, our technology fills the unmet need in the modern enterprise for a video cloud IoT solution. But what does this mean in practice?

The name of a company says a lot about what the business wishes to convey to

The Time To Reinvent Is Now

Last year, I wrote an article entitled, “Everything Connected – Now Is the Time To Reinvent Your Business”. I talked about how The Internet of