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IoT Devices and Video Cameras — Your Business’ Most Powerful Sensor

The Internet of Things (IoT) has given businesses a suite of tools to make life simpler. From reminding homeowners to turn off the lights before leaving the house to alerting the fire department when smoke is detected, smart sensors automate the most mundane tasks so end users can focus on more important things. But for […]

Arcules Launches Intelligent Video Cloud Platform

The first video cloud IoT as a service platform for global enterprises debuts as Google Cloud Platform partner July 23, 2018 — SAN FRANCISCO — Arcules, provider of video cloud internet of things (IoT) as a service technology, announced today the launch of the Arcules platform at Google Cloud Next.  The Arcules Intelligent Video Cloud […]

Intelligent, Connected Video: Putting Modern Surveillance to Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have turned cameras into more than an extension of physical security operations. For years, surveillance went hand-in-hand with security — business owners used video cameras as a safety measure and nothing more. Today, software algorithms are capable of performing the in-depth video analysis typically reserved for human security guards monitoring […]

More Reasons Enterprise Companies Are Excited for Video Cloud IoT

As the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to enhance video service offerings, companies can leverage video data in ways they never imagined, helping them make more informed decisions that can transform the way they do business. Cameras keep a watchful eye over the spaces they are assigned to: monitoring people, places and things […]

Five Reasons Why the Modern Enterprise Is Ready for Intelligent Video IoT in the Cloud

The modern enterprise demands more every year from its business systems to remain competitive, grow sales and decrease costs. For businesses, it’s a time to understand what is “next” in our respective industries and spaces. As part of my personal mantra, I believe everything is connected, and I also find it to be a fitting […]

The Value in Enterprise Video: How to Derive Operational Insights from Big Video Data

The amount of video data already available to businesses remains one of the most powerful — yet untapped — resources available to enterprises. Most businesses fail to take full advantage of the hours of footage at their disposal, often unaware of the valuable data points that can inform smarter business decisions. Video analytics paired with […]

How to use Live Design Thinking to Hire Collaborative Rebels vs. Genius Jerks

In the past 5 months, Arcules has hired over 43 candidates from more than 6 countries. Using both traditional and forward thinking strategies, we have developed fast-growing productive teams with vibrant energy. Why We Use Design Thinking Sessions in Our Interviews at Arcules Both our candidates and hiring managers have been enthusiastic about the sessions […]