The Arcules Solution
Designed to ensure security, scalability, reduced operations, and bandwidth management - all on one platform.
How Does It Work?

A Uniquely Architected Solution for a Safer and Smarter World

The Arcules Video Cloud IoT solution is designed to ensure security, scalability, reduced operations, and bandwidth management – all on one platform.

We built our platform from the ground up so that every component, connection, and data flow work to create the optimal customer experience for today and into the future.

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Devices and Clients

We support an array of devices including cameras that are ONVIF compliant and from top manufacturers, drivers for a variety of IoT devices, access control, and many others.  Our web, Windows, and mobile clients enable you to securely view live video, video insights, and other information.

The Arcules Rapid Cloud Connector (ARC2)

The ARC2 is the “connector” that securely pushes local data to the cloud and offers quick access to new video and data.  The ARC2 software can be installed on any compatible hardware of your choice.

The Arcules Video Cloud IoT Platform

All video recordings and data are stored securely in the cloud. With Arcules you can add or reduce the amount of storage needed, eliminating the reliance of big, expensive servers.

The Benefits of the Arcules Cloud IoT Solution
Arcules is a secure, fast, pure-cloud video surveillance solution, uniquely designed and built from the ground up to provide you intelligence and save you time and money.

Security First

Reduce your security footprint – data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and no port forwarding means no access to hackers.

Rapid Scalability and Low Latency

Scale faster without large servers that limit data storage and require ongoing maintenance. Plus, our really fast cloud creates a better viewing experience.

Intelligent Unified Platform

Centrally manage the entire system, aggregate data, and transform video into powerful intelligence usingI AI and machine learning technologies.

Pure Cloud

Take the burden and cost of system management off your IT department.  Arcules is a pure-cloud solution which means our software is always up-to-date on upgrades and security fixes.

Plays Well with Others

Seamlessly integrate with other systems. Whether you are pushing all video to the cloud or seeking cost-efficient options to extend your existing on-premise solution, Arcules can help.

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