Everything Connected

Arcules provides actionable insights using computer vision, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence and IoT, connecting you to multiple devices anytime, anywhere.

Our Core Competencies

are the foundation for developing and providing Video Cloud IoT as a Service for enterprise solutions.

Computer Vision

Video expertise, innovation and transformation are essential in building our world-class solutions.

Cloud Technology

We employ the latest cloud technologies to deliver scalable and secure services to global enterprise businesses.

Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & IoT

These technologies are integrated in our solution to provide enterprises the optimal return on their investment.

The Benefits of the Arcules Video Cloud IoT as a Service

Seamlessly integrate & manage

one unified intelligent platform across all video and IoT data.

Scale video

across multiple sites and geographies – from one to thousands.

Aggregate & store data centrally

with easy access to evidence and analytics on any device from anywhere.

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